Guestbook for Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Date: Sep, 12 2017 21:06:54 EST
Name: Clara Woolman
Comments: It was great being here. Can't wait to be back!

Date: May, 2 2017 23:00:45 EST
Name: JIm Hooper
Comments: Great visit. We're glad that we came off the main road on our way to
DV. Visiting and enjoying Tecopa Hot Springs was one of the
highlights on our recent wildflower visiting excursion. 10/10.
It's definitely on our itinerary next time through the area.

Date: Mar, 24 2017 18:24:26 EST
Name: Claudia & John Aguirre
Comments: What a wonderful experience!! Definitely plan to
visit here again, and again, and again..... Peace
and tranquility are abundant here. The waters are
great for healing mind, body, and spirit. Was not
disappointed. Thanks and blessings to all who care
for this facility, and make the experience possible.

Date: Feb, 17 2017 21:45:05 EST
Name: Dawn & Fred
Comments: We stayed Feb 13, 2017. Fantastic! Room had king bed, very
comfy and inside door access to hot springs. Loved it and
wished we could've stayed longer. We'll be back!

Date: Jan, 30 2017 12:25:23 EST
Name: Michael and Carrie Fox
Comments: We had an amazing time here.. THANK YOU so much... We will be
back soon.. We loved meeting Jenna and purchasing a tank drum
from Keith.

Date: Oct, 29 2016 14:21:58 EST
Name: Kathy Ayers
Comments: Planning to visit over Thanksgiving week with our homemade teardrop trailer.

Date: Oct, 9 2016 11:29:11 EST
Name: LaVerne Autagne
Comments: Have known about you for some years now through a
trip with UNLV and am now in a position to plan a
trip for others!
Hope to see you soon and introduce others to your
great facility!!

Date: Jan, 17 2016 17:33:19 EST
Comments: My wife and i spent 2 days out their on Dec 8 and 9
had a great time the room was clean and the people
that work out their are friendly nice nights for
looking at the star's our first time their and we
are going back in Feb.a great get away for people
that just want to do nothing . cant wait to get
back their

Date: Jan, 13 2016 06:52:48 EST
Name: Ryan
Comments: Stayed here for a few nights during a photography excursion for
my upcoming book "Hidden Deserts of California". The hotel
was clean and very affordable, and the hot springs were
amazing. The staff was extremely friendly and nice, and the
overall atmosphere was welcoming. I will be back with friends,
and I will be making this a regular stop every fall on my way to
Death Valley. -- Cheers!

Date: Jan, 7 2016 23:41:59 EST
Name: John
Comments: We stayed for a few unexpected days over the holidays and had a
wonderful time. Isabell is the best!!!!! Best massage i have ever had!!
We will be back soon.....

Date: Jan, 2 2016 17:10:25 EST
Name: Karl Oswald
Comments: A good friend has recommended Tecopa Hot Springs for years. After a Vegas visit (not my favorite place) I finally took his advice and drove the stunningly gorgeous Old Spanish Highway to the Resort. The soak was EXACTLY what I needed -- a beautiful and calming experience, helping me to connect to the ancient spirit forces so vibrant in this area. I will absolutely be back for an extended visit and look forward to staying for a few days. Thank you, Amy!

Date: Dec, 10 2015 23:42:16 EST
Name: carlos
Comments: Great mineral water.

not very fancy but works.

I give 4 stars for Rural California.

Date: Nov, 28 2015 01:00:45 EST
Name: Jae
Comments: Was there with my family for a day to experience how the hot springs is. Really had a nice exprience, although for a short time only, and we are already thinking about going back -- this time, for a longer time! Thank you Amy!

Date: Oct, 12 2015 12:45:54 EST
Name: Mr. Dana Russo
Comments: Thank you, what a great time

Date: Aug, 19 2015 02:20:24 EST
Name: Keith Johnson-Renz
Email: 9344 oxbow lake Abe
Comments: we enjoy the staff and and springs, what a way to relax

Date: Mar, 30 2015 14:29:57 EST
Name: John & Tamara Hayden
Comments: Spent the afternoon touring neighboring areas and
wound up in Tecopa. Had a great experience in hot
springs then spend the most wonderful romantic
evening under the stars listening to live music,
poems and stories. Cant think of a better way to
spend a Saturday. Live in Las Vegas so we will be
back soon and often.

Date: Dec, 3 2014 20:03:43 EST
Name: Scott Thrasher
Comments: Just wanted to give a big thanks to Amy and the Tecopa Hot Springs Resort for such a pleasant stay. After a long day on the road, I was able to relax in the mineral pools, have a wonderful meal at Pastels, and great sleep in a comfortable bed.
Thank you so much and will visit you again and recommend you to my friends!

Date: Sep, 25 2014 23:04:33 EST
Name: carlos Ricci
Comments: I love the mineral baths in tecopa ca!

Tecopa has that Rural california I'm looking for!

Date: Jul, 8 2014 20:02:55 EST
Name: Andy
Comments: Can't wait for my first visit to 'Amy's'...summer is my favorite time
in Tecopa (except for the bombers)! Great website too!

Date: May, 21 2014 12:37:57 EST
Name: Michael Dukes
Comments: I was here back in 1998 while driving back to
Florida from Alaska. Had a really good few days
enjoying the hot springs and relaxing after a hard
summer working as a wildfire fighter. Hope to get
back someday...

Date: Feb, 17 2014 23:40:18 EST
Name: Jeffrey and Cheryl Larson
Comments: We just stayed 10 days at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort. We
loved camping in our Wesfalia VW and soaking in the hot
pools. Shelly check us in after hours and we ate 3 times at
The Bistro. The store and community center were close by
and we met so many nice people. We are planning on going
back again for a whole month or more.
Thank you.

Date: Feb, 12 2014 12:40:54 EST
Name: Nancy Gilfoy
Comments: Heading out to Tecopa Hot Springs in an hour or
so...looking forward to this great
experience...looks and sounds wonderful!

See you soon!

Date: Jan, 4 2014 12:50:29 EST
Name: Ray Santiago
Comments: This is an absolutely uniquely beautiful area and the resort helped deliver that special feeling. We stayed at the resort in a Motorhome and camped at one of their full hook-up RV sites. The people are friendly and made us feel at home. It's a great experience to be in the desert, especially that we're from the SF/Bay Area. Be prepared to NOT have cell signal, texting ability or Internet, but then again, isn't that why you chose to get away from it all?

Date: Jan, 2 2014 03:28:16 EST
Name: Maritza
Comments: I had a great time tonight at hot springs and with our astrology educator Mark. I learned a lot about constellations thank you to him,and I enjoyed watching the stars. I was amazed and happy to see nature and relaxing at the hot springs.
Thank you!

Date: Dec, 20 2013 19:36:18 EST
Name: Liz Waters
Comments: I am very interested in experiencing this new adventure of the
surrounding beauty in Las Vegas.

Date: Dec, 18 2013 11:59:16 EST
Name: Heidi
Comments: It is good to Dream Big! Looking forward to our first visit.

Date: Dec, 10 2013 10:14:03 EST
Name: norm teachman
Email: ente52@
Comments: hey! my wife and I had a pleasant time with you this past sunday. the food was great, sorry we didn't have more time to get to know you better. we're back home now, found the trilobite spot tho, keep it up out there, you've got a good thing going! keep in touch, maybe you'll come back east visiting! peace, norm and dee.

Date: Dec, 2 2013 07:34:52 EST
Name: Noreen nix and Chad Evans
Comments: Absolutely wonderful, staff are friendly and helpful, room was
clean and comfortable. The pools were always available,
clean, hot and amazing. We couldn't have had a more relaxing
rejuvenating experience. It was a blessed moment and we are
very thankful. Goddess Bless!!!!!

Date: Nov, 20 2013 19:42:53 EST
Name: Marty Pereida
Comments: Look forward to visiting!!!!!

Date: Oct, 27 2013 20:16:22 EST
Name: Donna and Hans
Comments: Wow, we had a wonderful time....just what was
needed for a busy business woman. Thanks John and
Shelly for a g-r-e-a-t dinner and warm conversation.
How welcome was the warm springs pool relief.
Looking forward to the next return visit.

Date: Oct, 24 2013 00:11:06 EST
Name: victor and kathleen
Comments: going to the 2013 firemans bazzare to see a friend of ours , play in a band. very excited and cant wait! gonna camp out in the back of my p/u. BBQ walk, hike take pictures, no cell phone, no computers, no bosses, just peace and quiet. cant wait. now a new yearly event for us!!!

Date: Oct, 19 2013 07:14:57 EST
Name: Randy
Comments: I have stayed here several times. One of the best places I have ever stayed. I am looking forward to many return trips.

Date: Sep, 25 2013 16:51:23 EST
Name: Robert Lewis Derkum
Comments: I spent a few days their at room 11 in May of 2011.I had to see if if I could really get some relief for my cronic osteo arthritis by soaking in the hot spring waters.After just a few day of doing so the tecopa hot spring really did make a noticeable difference,and the only real relief I've had since.I like everything about the place and all the history of the area.I will return.

Date: Sep, 11 2013 16:47:20 EST
Name: Art Ballard
Comments: I did a lot of geology field work around Tecopa, and used to stay in that incredible cabin on the canyon off the "pup fish road". Used to go skinny-dipping down in China Ranch, when there wasn't anything there but a couple of small houses. Was a friend of Paul Crockett's, and at one time, worked in the Brown's store in Shoshone.

Date: Sep, 15 2013 23:07:24 EST
Name: Gerrit Vlijm and Brigitte van Doorn
Comments: Tecopa Hot Springs Resort was a special place to stay. Although it was hot outside, it was nice to use the hot bath. The resort is close to an entrance of Death Valley, so it's a good place before or after your visit. It is special to enjoy the silence in the evening. If the restaurant is not open it is a pleasure to have dinner in Shoshone.

Date: Jul, 12 2013 02:43:20 EST
Name: Howard Denton
Comments: Looking forward to visiting in December 2013 and February 2014

Date: May, 25 2013 14:15:48 EST
Name: Sherri
Comments: As a gay person, I was very impressed by the non-discriminatory ambience. I shall return again, soon.

Date: Aug, 1 2009 10:36:08 EST
Name: Eileen Simon
Comments: I remember being in Tecopa many times as a child, traveling from Seattle with my mother down Highway 99 (from about early 60s through about 1970). I don't remember ever staying at the Springs, although I do remember soaking in them, but we may have stayed as well. Usually, I remember waking up in a tent near town. I do remember hiking one of the hills nearby and pickup up chunks of clay with opal inside. I also remember the 1 room schoolhouse, and the combo gas station/grocery (and 1 stopsign?). We had friends who as I remember lived east of town who were relatives or friends of actor Stuart Whiman. I've often thought of Tecopa over the years, and hope to come through town again one day soon. Thank you.

Date: Jul, 2 2009 17:56:31 EST
Name: Don Benysek
Comments: I love this area and can't wait to return.

Date: Jun, 16 2009 04:00:02 EST
Name: Karla Cartwright
Comments: My best friend Dixie Collins moved to Tecopa back in January. I miss her a lot. Wanted to look up her home so I could somehow feel closer to her. It's not quite the same but it will do for now.

Date: Apr, 9 2009 13:47:26 EST
Name: Robert Schroeder
Comments: I like what Iam reading and hope to see you this year. Kay and I are AANR, Road Runners club from Alb,NM

Date: Apr, 9 2009 10:14:27 EST
Name: Leah Warren
Comments: Visited Tecopa Springs April 2005 and April 2008. Very relaxing and peaceful; loved the desert also. Last year, we visited China Ranch enroute to Las Vegas. We live in Eastern Canada and love California.

Date: Mar, 31 2009 17:29:18 EST
Name: Hasmik Geghamyan
Comments: Tecopa Hot Springs Resort is such a beautiful place! We deeply enjoyed our time there...such a fanstatic place to center, destress and meditate. THANK YOU! :)

Date: Mar, 17 2009 16:51:59 EST
Name: Diane Mooradian
Comments: Hi Amy!

I have been thinking about you and have been meaning to get in touch with you for eons!! Then today I picked up the Feb/March 2009 issue of The Sun Runner, and there was your picture on page 9! Holy Moly! You look great, and happy....and I can tell from looking at your website that you ARE happy. Paul and I are in the desert from early November to about now; we bought a little house in Wonder Valley, outside 29 Palms, several years ago. The rest of the year we are at our home in Northern Michigan, for which we are packing to return to as we speak. I retired from the Getty 5 years ago. We MUST come to visit you in Tecopa when we return in the fall! Please email me; I would love to hear from you.

Date: Feb, 26 2009 00:15:19 EST
Name: Darlene L
Comments: I thank you so much for exsisting!! Wonderful place to get away from the busy city and relax and meditate!

Date: Aug, 14 2008 16:03:47 EST
Name: Michael Warner
Comments: I first hot-tubbed in Tecopa august 1955, heading from home in Montana to new school, in LA area.
God's gift to watch sunrise while sitting/floating in the outside concrete tub.
Dad said I would like it.
Have loved it ever since.
would dearly love to come back with my family,
wife, two grown sons.
wonderful place to retire to
best of wishes
1600hrs 14 Aug 2008

Date: Jun, 17 2008 23:01:21 EST
Name: Terry A. Kemery
Comments: Hi Amy! This is Terry I camped next to you at the Arch View camp ground in Moab. I found you to be a very interesting lady to talk to. I checked out your website and was very impressed with the work you have done and the reason why.One word caught my attention (labyrinth)Had no idea what it was so I looked it up. I have seen them before but didn't know anything about them.I want to learn more do you know of any good websites for me? Hope to here from you soon and I really want to pay you a visit and see your work. I don't know when you will see this so take care and talk to you later Terry

Date: Jun, 13 2008 18:21:52 EST
Name: Christy and Todd
Comments: Hi! I was just reviewing the website because we so greatly enjoyed our weekend in Tecopa this past February! Todd and I met you (Amy) and Dominic out in Rhyolite in October '07 and are so glad we ventured out to Tecopa at your suggestion.. We'll definitely be back! We're getting married in October, hope to venture your way for a weekend getaway after that.. Hope all is well!!

Date: Jun, 10 2008 22:13:21 EST
Name: done
Comments: the weather was hot and the breeze was hotter. pulled into the hot springs and was greeted with great hospitality and warmth. i wasn't sure if the hot springs is what i needed,( a cold shower, i thought), was surprized at how refreshed i felt after i enjoyed the hot springs and the breeze wasn't as hot. i had a camp site under the tree and i must admit that i was relaxed. this was in june of 2007 and the temp was 120* and on a motorcycle after driving from the grand canyon. yes i would recommend tecopa hot springs and i would visit it again. thanks

Date: Apr, 29 2008 00:30:04 EST
Name: Rose Colon
Comments: Beautiful ,peaceful ,inspirational.After discovering the hot springs, I have fallen in love with it. The pure joy and relaxation it brings is "out of this world" . Most of the time it is a very spiritual experience for me. Very connected with the energies there.

Date: Apr, 14 2008 00:29:39 EST
Name: Skandar
Comments: Today, was very special, as the Tecopa artist came to Death Valley for an Art Show. I connected with Amy and her wisdom and stories of the hot springs...
I am connected now to Tecopa and haven't even yet experienced it first hand.
What a great greeting hug from such an awesome community, thanks,

Date: Mar, 19 2008 19:12:44 EST
Name: Ulrike
Comments: thanks a lot, it has been wonderful. back in switzerland I'm telling everybody about that special place, the nice people, the great dinner and breakfast and the renewing bath in the hot springs. We are so glad that we found the resort. and I really hope we will come back some time.

Date: Mar, 12 2008 10:01:14 EST
Name: Amy Noel
Comments: Hey Rev. Betty. Of course I'm still here. Can't seem to get past
your spam blocker. Have room for you at Easter come visit!
Would love to see you. It's a very grand spring, LOTS of flowers!
~amy xo

Date: Mar, 9 2008 17:44:24 EST
Name: Rev. Betty
Comments: Hi Amy, are you still there?? Am thinking about heading your way for Easter. Am still working full time. Want to see the wild flowers before they disappear. Reading your blog is wonderful, Trudy truly blessed you by sending the white feathers at the perfect time and you blessed yourself by listening to your heart. Is this the contact space for you??? Love and Light always, Betty

Date: Jan, 25 2008 15:17:18 EST
Name: Dale Cummings
Comments: Great site! I travel cross country on a motorcycle and look for places off the beaten path. Dry camping and a hot shower is all I need for a good night sleep. Hope to see you soon.

Date: Jan, 15 2008 16:19:51 EST
Name: Shannon Tolbert & Bill Pidanick
Comments: This was our first but not our last visit to Tecopa. We came to relax and rejuvinate,and boy did we do both. You hve achieved your dream, I can not find the words to describe the effect the place and people had on us. Thanks Amy for helping us avoid the meltdown we were surely on the road to. We feel like we made many new friends that we can not wait to see again. Amy you are a very special lady and we are blessed to have met you. Can not wait for the next Star Party. Please give our best to Frank, Jerri, John, Ryan, Shelly,Dan, and everyone else, what a great group of people. We will be seeing you soon (but not soon enough) Love ya Shannon & Bill

Date: Dec, 28 2007 17:06:45 EST
Name: Lilia
Comments: It was an interesting experience. Very glad there was no television. Suprisingly cleansing and rejuvenating. Beautiful desert view from window. Will consider revisiting!!!

Date: Dec, 28 2007 11:59:37 EST
Name: Ben Kitay
Comments: My friends and I have been coming to Tecopa for many years, there
is something very special about this place. The Hot springs are
some the best I have ever been to. I have been spoiled by them. We
visited the Labyrinth yesterday and found it very interesting.
Tecopa is a place we come to chill..

Date: Dec, 14 2007 20:57:21 EST
Name: Nick Dudish
Comments: Greetings from Ilion,located in central NY. Enjoyed the website as well as the many side bars and web links.
The Astrochannels expedition brought me here.

Date: Nov, 22 2007 12:26:20 EST
Name: Howie Klein
Comments: My friends and I visit Tecopa often. I find it to be a very mystical place. We always return home rejuvenated physically and spiritually.

Date: Nov, 22 2007 01:28:03 EST
Name: ~amy
Comments: cool... we tecopa folk love topanga and it's folk too. we have
many friends there and ties.

what if all ways were scenic by ways?
yea, baby!

Date: Nov, 22 2007 01:20:21 EST
Name: Gerry & Christine Hurst from Topanga Canyon
Comments: We love Tecopa! We visit it often, we love the desert, the
mountains, the hot springs. We come here to be reborn, GOD lives
in Tecopa!

Date: Nov, 22 2007 00:52:44 EST
Name: Gerry & Christine Hurst
Comments: I love Tecopa!

Date: Nov, 14 2007 19:05:55 EST
Name: Rae
Comments: I visited China Ranch several years ago, and am looking forward to visiting the hot springs soon. A beautiful wild land.

Date: Nov, 11 2007 10:19:02 EST
Name: Dennis and Cindy Bergey
Comments: Your web site is beautiful and the spirit of your desert oasis is felt. Cindy and I are looking forward to a visit in your land. Keep up the great work!
--Dennis and Cindy Bergey, Santa Barbara, Calyfonya. 1999 Eurovan Camper "Surge"

Date: Nov, 8 2007 14:14:31 EST
Name: Hugo Lamontagne
Comments: Very nice web site !!! I can't wait to visit you between dec. 28th and the jan. 2nd. 2007 I will contact you in a near future for a reservation.

Warm regards from Montreal Quebec,


Date: Oct, 16 2007 12:57:17 EST
Name: Brad McCall
Comments: Amy: Sandra & I really enjoyed our weekend stay at the resort. Such a quiet, peaceful and serene setting to rest the soul and body. The Labyrinth, the hot springs bath, John's world class rack of Lamb and veggies, the fabulous star party and the friendliness of all made for a perfect and unforgettable weekend getaway.

Date: Oct, 15 2007 08:40:58 EST
Name: Sharon McLaughlin, Belfast Northern Ireland
Comments: I visited Tecopa Hot Springs in February 2005 and the beautiful waters eased an busy mind. I found it so difficult to leave that oasis of calm and so pleased that I found it as well

Date: Jul, 31 2007 06:14:39 EST
Name: Marshall
Comments: Love Tecopa, the vast quiet spirit of the land, the local people; it takes strong and true individualists to commit to living year round in Tecopa. Summers in Tecopa are hot yet serene and peaceful.

Date: Jun, 3 2007 22:35:56 EST
Name: tony/anita and brandy(DOG), mihovilovich
Comments: Looking forward to staying at your location, we will be traveling to the amargosa hotal. thank you ......

Date: Apr, 27 2007 20:07:55 EST
Name: Jackie Stetser
Comments: My husband I visited the hot tub on our way through Death Valley. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating. We will one day return! Thanks for sharing your springs with us!

Date: Apr, 9 2007 13:57:52 EST
Name: David Keener
Comments: Hey Amy,
Its David and Tawny from Pahrump. You are such a gracious host, and we love every moment we are there. We went to China Ranch the other day, amazing. Its always so sad to leave there and come back to Pahrump and work, ehh. But I always know its so close and we will def. stop by many many more times.
Love you all,
David and Tawny

Date: Apr, 6 2007 10:47:49 EST
Name: Amy Noel
Comments: Hey Judi, We'll be doing star parties again this easter weekend
and the next. See for more info. and maybe
once a month through the summer if there's enough interest.
Something to do with those hot summer nights.


Date: Apr, 6 2007 09:56:17 EST
Name: Judi Gallagher
Comments: I was sad when you had the nite of star gazing. I had to miss it but was wondering if you will be doing it again.

Judi Gallagher of Pahrump

Date: Mar, 9 2007 11:51:58 EST
Name: Steve Neely
Comments: We will be at your hot springs March 31, there will be about 10 of us on BMW motorcycles. We have hear much about tecopa and very much look forward to expericeing it. I very much admire you for what you are doing and your way of life, if I could get out of the corporate world I would join you but for now a visit is the best I can do.

Date: Oct, 10 2006 17:47:05 EST
Name: Tracy Lewis
Comments: I drove through Tecopa this morning and took a few pictures, expecially of the pickup truck parked near the resort entrance. I look forward to returning and spending a day soaing in the hot springs!

Date: Oct, 8 2006 10:54:10 EST
Name: Randall Porter
Comments: Since i was 5 years old my father has been bringing me and our family to Tecopa, I'm now 54.

I remember many late nights playing penny-poker with Drift-Wood Charley. We used to show up at his place around 2am and talk, talk, talk.

I really miss those days and the people I have met at Tecopa, great place.

Date: Aug, 5 2006 14:37:11 EST
Name: Amy Noel
Comments: Thanks for your comments David Paulson! The tin shack at the
hot springs is long gone, but well remembered. Harry (Buddy)
lives on the east coast too. Check out one of his websites

All the best,

Date: Aug, 5 2006 14:32:04 EST
Name: David V. Paulson
Comments: Nice site of personal interest. I was born (1928)/raised in Death Valley Junction and bathed once in a Tecopa hot-spring pool next to a 'sheet-metal' shack (all that I can remember).
I knew 'Harry (Buddy) Rosenberg' who signed on 7/14/04. Dream of returning someday, but I live on the east coast.

Date: Jul, 25 2006 01:43:47 EST
Name: Steven Cole
Comments: I found your site very interesting

Date: Apr, 26 2006 06:22:23 EST
Name: Sheldon
Comments: my first labyrinth experience....
... as i probably told u.. i am a logical science kinda guy with a
medium size spirtual undercurrent..... i kinda walk both sides of
the street when it comes to my consciousness and relationship
to the universe

i had a pretty powerful experience while visiting tecopa and i felt
the need to summarize and share it with u

i know little of labyrinths.... just that they are symbolic and
related to ones consciousness and relationship to ones universe

with that very limited understanding... i entered the labyrinth at
tecopa after a 500 mile journey visit the hot springs........

as i entered the labyrinth i felt immediately calm and more
centered and as i walked the path.. it became instantly apparent
to me that the path could be viewed as my life path and my
steps my actual life experiences.... memories of my life came to
me ...rapidly as i walked.... and it became apparent that my life
was the product of my path.. and that the path .. although
apparently convoluted .... was the most direct path in the
universe to my center.. my essential being.... as i walked.... i
became calmer... as though looking at my life.. and the
rightness of it all... the correctness of each step ..correct for
me..... joseph campbell style.... was very calming and reassuring

names of the people who had helped me become self aware
came to me... and seminal events on my path.... the rocks that
formed the path became the people and events.. providing clear
markers for me to walk calmly and slowly to my center i walked .. i spoke the names of my life guides who helped
me see my personal path.... teacvhers.. parents.. my children..
my wife..... my bosses.. my friends from childhood
and adulthood.... i also softly called out seminal events in my
life..... gettting lost in the shipwreck.. accidentally derailing the
train.....the birth of my i called them out they
were like little bursts of calmness .. little spiritual smiles

then i was there.... the center of the labyrinth and the center of
my being..... in the now.... in the moment.. yet the center was
connected directly to the entire universe...... to the entire
continium of time.......eternal bliss.... eternal life..... connectivity
with all things... all creatures.... me......the imagery of the
feminine force was powerful at this point.. mother
goddess kinda energy.... and i was in its presence.... spiritually
naked.... no need for words ..this was the point of my
recognizing my spiritual completeness.... the point in my life
where i became conscious of my center and my completness.....

then i started to walk the outward bound side from the center of
the labyrinth... this was for me the vision side.. i got to see the
vision of the rest of my life... how i wish to walk the path that is
my unique path from here till i exit the labyrinth and am
released back to the universe as disordered energy....

as i walked outward from the labyrinth center.... again i was
overcome with calmness... and an unfolding of that which i
somehow already new... the rocks that formed the path again
were the people and events that would sustain me in the rest of
my lifes journey.....they were affirmations of clarity of my lifes
path... this time the imagery was different.. not so event
specific.. more conceptual...... i could see that giving.. and
teaching and wandering the world were my path..... and that
giving and sharing was the energy i felt as the dominant force in
my life walk.

i was also struck by the cross in the labyrinth.... there is but
one... and as u walk the labyrinth .. u approach the cross from
each of its four quadrants..... as u walk your personal life
path..... i havent figured out what that observation means to
me.... but i was reminded of the stations of the cross in catholic
doctrine.... hmmmmmm

...... when i came to the exit/entrance.... i turned and walked it
again... repeating several times... each time.... the feelings and
thoughts were the same... i was walking my life..... the first half
was becoming.... then i faced myself in the center..... and walked
outward feeling whole and that the steps of my life were in
perfect order with my nature.........the people and events.. some
the same and some new each time.... came unbidden to my
consciousness as i was telling to me that it was like
a record.. replaying the same story each time i walked ........

when i exited the last time.... i felt that it was not the departure
point of earthly existence.. i felt that it represented release back
to the universe as energy... transfiguration... if u will.....

after returning home i looked up labyrinths ...left brain science
guy that i am sometimes,,,and found that the symbology of the
labryinth is exactly as my mind had constructed it... a metaphor
for life... for birth and death....... for the spiritual nature of the
universe and of existence.....for the feminine energy of
life......for the birth process.. for the unfolding of lifes

in short a very memorable journey.....

thank u again for providing such a magical place for middle
aged science guys to bumble around having epiphanies in the
dark..... oh btw it was a full moon and easter time... last time i
was at tecopa it was the solstice....

Date: Apr, 25 2006 23:11:48 EST
Name: Leslie Lorene Ladd
Comments: Hi Amy!
You have a great place. Wish I lived a little closer.
peace and good thoughts

Date: Apr, 15 2006 01:32:47 EST
Name: Bill Pope
Comments: I spent some wonderful days in Death Valley in the early eighties and then last few years have spent a few days in Shoshone, a few days Amargosa Opera House and Hotel.
I only spent couple of hours in Tecopa Hot Springs pool. I enjoyed the website and
Plan to stay a few days at the Resort as soon as I can make arrangements

Date: Apr, 8 2006 11:58:05 EST
Name: mary stopa

Date: Mar, 29 2006 23:16:50 EST
Email: BUCKS1020@AOL.COM

Date: Feb, 8 2006 23:04:43 EST
Name: Anthony F. Daileda, Jr.
Comments: I have heard about the natural beauty of the valley many times from my father and brother. After reading the comments of others that have visited, I look forward to experiencing the valley myself with my family. And again based on the comments, I appears as your Resort is the place to experience it at.

Date: Feb, 3 2006 13:02:33 EST
Name: James Clayton (San Bdno Mtns)
Comments: I began visiting in the late 60's, more frequently while a ranger in Death Valley in the late 70's, and I've returned at least annually ever since.

Date: Dec, 27 2005 01:35:33 EST
Name: shel
Comments: .... thank u amy for a delicious and spiritually refreshing stay.. i enjoyed our chats... and the morning coffee.. and the hot springs.... i will be back....... your place is a special gift to travelers...... travelers in the valley and spiritual travelers as well..... thanks for sharing your reflective fire on the solstice


Date: Dec, 25 2005 00:47:17 EST
Name: Ron Wheeler
Comments: As snowbirds we spent two years in the Vegas area several years ago. We often found ourselves visting Tecopa, continually drawn back by it's beauty. By all means visit China Ranch when in the area.

Date: Dec, 19 2005 10:13:29 EST
Name: Grant & Libby Miles
Comments: Enjoyed visiting you pleasant website. Looking foward to visiting Tecopa Hot Springs Resort.


Date: Nov, 13 2005 23:03:16 EST
Name: Dr. Larry L. Means
Comments: Recently drove through the area and enjoyed the Tecopa Hot Springs community - what a wonderful place to just rest and enjoy the beauty of the desert. Very interested in the history of the area as well.

Date: Nov, 1 2005 00:25:40 EST
Name: Bob & Sharon Brown
Comments: Great scenery .We will be there this winter for a few days

Date: Oct, 26 2005 15:48:38 EST
Name: Keith B. Rosenberg
Comments: Just seeing what is going on out there. I gotta visit one of these days.

Date: Oct, 18 2005 23:31:06 EST
Name: Carlota Ponds (Hutchinson, Kansas)
Comments: I was very pleased to find this site. My mother and I visited for the first time in 1988 or '89. She had fallen while running and badly hurt her knees. A co-worker told her about the springs, so on a whim we drove up from L.A. after locating this tiny speck on the map. Had a wonderful time car-camping...did the hot springs and the clay baths and much hiking. It became an annual event for us until 1994 when I convinced mom to join me back in our home state of Kansas. I'm now married (with children) and mom has gone Home to Heaven, but I still have fond memories of that place and hope to be able to bring my new family to visit soon!

Date: Sep, 24 2005 15:41:29 EST
Name: Chuck Ruffing
Comments: Fantastic website!
Thank you for the link and great info on the area ,the dream,and the Hot Springs.

Best regards and remember to dream big


Date: Sep, 22 2005 17:09:55 EST
Name: Mahaleena Payson
Comments: I'm looking forward to visiting your mineral baths. I love the
desert and the beauty of the colorful earth, the quality of the
light and the space and quiet. Death Valley is very impressive in
both it's barren open space and dramatic rock. It seems to clear
my psyche when I come. My experience of meditating on the salt
flats was magical.

Date: May, 24 2005 16:53:22 EST
Name: Phyllis Levine Gloria Peterson
Comments: The desert worked magic on my sister and I. What we saw and felt changed from our first day to our last day and now it lives wildly and freely in our memories.
Phyllis & Gloria

Date: Apr, 1 2005 00:10:01 EST
Name: Rick Loebick
Comments: May ex wife and I had come to Tecopa a few times and absolutely loved it! We had a small RV and we used to bring our black lab "Jett". In the mornings his water and all the windows would be iced and we would go into the public spring house and sit in that fantastic warmth at 2:30AM and would then run back across the street to the RV and sleep soundly. During the day we would hike around the desert and I remember being told that in the distance looking out in the direction of the rv park about a mile along a roag where people would find opals! It is a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere! I need to get there again soon!

Date: Mar, 14 2005 14:48:11 EST
Name: Emily Shelton
Comments: We use to go to Tecopa every year, from 1967 to
1975.Stayed at the motel,and used the mineral baths that were public and the motel one around behind the mountain.. My parent stayed in there mobil trailer also,we would be there for the mo. of October.Always a great time,also a lost of mt. climbing & rock finding, I still have. Emily

Date: Mar, 6 2005 15:34:54 EST
Name: Marty
Comments: Funny what a place can do!!

Out of the blue my wife and I visited the Tecopa Hot Springs back on October 15th 2004. Not knowing, we had no expectations! Now looking at pictures I come to realize what a magical moment and beautiful place this truly is! The serene prestige and tranquil beauty took me someplace I had never been before but will bring me back!

Thanks for the hospitality.


Date: Jan, 9 2005 20:10:23 EST
Name: Ruben Silvas
Comments: Im from Ensenada Baja Mexico.In Baja we have to many relaxin places .I have come to this place to many times but we never stay at the resort.Im sure this spiritual,relaxin an rejuvenating place,is my next stop.
I love this place.

Date: Jan, 9 2005 14:29:25 EST
Name: Duane and Ortense Fay
Comments: If you want to get away from the cares of the world, I can't think of a more relaxing place to be than Tecopa. Amy and Terry are wonderful and knowedgeble hosts.

Date: Jan, 3 2005 15:48:29 EST
Name: JulieJolt
Comments: I have come to this area many times because it is so awesome and relaxing. I like to share this wonderful area with special people because it is so unusual and spiritual. I give thanks every day for the opportunity to experience such a gift.

Date: Dec, 11 2004 16:20:47 EST
Name: Daystar Morninglight
Comments: Hello Amy, your dream is wonderful. I look forward to experiencing many days and night there this coming year. May true light guide your path always.

Daystar Morninglight

Date: Oct, 12 2004 13:54:05 EST
Name: Russ Kahn
Comments: Look forward to do some camping there.

Date: Oct, 11 2004 10:49:19 EST
Name: Denise Dockwiller
Comments: Hi, my name is denise I used to come to Tecopa hot springs when I was a little girl with my grandparents. They would go there in the fall every year with there trailer. there names were bernice and ancel fisher. They are long sence gone but the memories are still there of the wondrful times i had there. I hope to return to the Springs again in the future. thank-you for still being such a wonderful memory.


Date: Oct, 1 2004 11:26:40 EST
Name: Nelda Goode
Comments: Tecopa has my heart.....

Date: Sep, 30 2004 15:27:42 EST
Name: Ernie & Teresa Fuller
Comments: You can count on us spending time with you this winter...Thanks for taking care of a part of Tecopah - we love that place!

Date: Jul, 16 2004 21:50:19 EST
Name: Harry Rosenberg
Comments: It's been over a half century since I was an unpaid slave (hod carrier etc.) laying foundations and erecting walls. My father would hardly know the place were he to return.

It is exciting to see so much activity and interest. Hope to see you all soon.

Date: Jul, 14 2004 17:55:34 EST
Name: Rick Duim
Comments: Here's a note from your webmaster. The Labyrinth looks interesting, as always, it's nice to update your site and help preserve the desert.


Date: Jul, 6 2004 01:18:12 EST
Name: jim harrington
Comments: Hi amy it was fun talking desert with you at the fourth of july party.I have camped in echo canyon several times.I love coming in from the nevada side at amargosa valley.It's so remote locals wave at me when i drive through the streets thinking im a fellow local!
I would love to come out and see you guys and maybe lend a hand if you throw in a cool glass of lemonade!

jim harrington.

Date: Jun, 30 2004 02:11:51 EST
Name: David Lintner
Comments: I'm looking forward to the 2004-2005 season, and am
excited about the events you have planned. And I am
especially happy about the Labyrinth you are building.


Date: Jun, 22 2004 00:36:38 EST
Name: Doug Spaulding
Comments: Most beautiful place, especially in and after the first of the year when the weather is near perfect. I love the quiet atmosphere and very slow pace of living making it the perfect rest vacation.

Date: May, 13 2004 10:07:11 EST
Name: Thomas Slavisky
Comments: Landing at Tecopa Hot Springs is a MUST for Extending One's Life Span...

Date: May, 5 2004 01:09:23 EST
Name: John W. Mortensen
Comments: When I need to relax for the weekend, I head for Tecopa Hot Springs. It is a healthful and rejuvenating experience and I highly recommend it. Try it, you'll like it!

Date: Apr, 17 2004 19:30:50 EST
Name: jon hedman
Comments: love the place, visit often
and tecopa and dvj with marta!
Have any real estate info?

Date: Feb, 25 2004 01:58:11 EST
Name: Derek Kerr and Rick Grube
Comments: We enjoyed our Valentine weekend at Tecopa Hot Springs. Thanks, Terry and everyone for the delicious enchilada lasagna on Fri. Our visit to the Amargosa Opera turned out fine. Marta Becket is really filling that place. You also should know that the Long Street Saloonand Inn on HWY 127 had a fire and is closed for rebuilding until May 1st. The casino and restaurant are still open. So maybe you should advertise at the Opera House that you have accommodation available for Sat and Sun nights, the nights of the performances. Good luck with your adventure, Suzanne, Amy, Donna and Terry.

Date: Feb, 7 2004 15:07:28 EST
Name: Jim Hendrickson
Comments: Hi!
I have visited your beautiful place several times and just LOVED it! I am returning there next week and just can't wait to get into that hot springs pool to soak away my aches, pains and troubles. Of course, I plan to stay at the hostel in nearby Tecopa. Your area is very, very special to me. The desert is not quite; it's silent! I LOVE listening to the silence. It' a great place to die (but I'm too young for that right now). Good luck and good heath to all of you wonderful residents and visitors. That place is Paradise on Earth!

Date: Feb, 1 2004 19:13:10 EST
Name: maggie from canada
Comments: hi jackie shirley kathy big d just a note to tell you that i miss your co. and of couse i miss the bath houses there is no other place in the world that is as nice as the bath say hi to everybody your friend maggie

Date: Jan, 7 2004 19:26:43 EST
Name: virginia and rick
Comments: Hi Amy and Terry.

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time that we had and the fun karioke. I put the keys to the cabin in the mail. We kept them accidentally. Hope to see you again in the springtime. I want to see wildflowers.

take care,
Virginia Sajan and Rick Lazzerini

Date: Jan, 11 2004 19:20:01 EST
Name: Tim Tomey
Comments: What memories this site brings back. I came upon this site quite by chance. I lived in Death Valley and went to school in Shoshone in the early seventies. I havn't been back there since, but after seeing the sites and some of the pictures Im getting an itch to travel. Maybe when the kids are out of school. Thanks

Date: Jan, 5 2004 21:02:32 EST
Name: jay Vinton
Comments: Upon moving from DFW to Hawaii for a job, we drove through your area, how desolate, how beautiful. Coming to your website reminded me of many pleasent occurances while driving through, the apprehension of being in such a huge and forbidding place where no mistakes are allowed, the beautiful mountains, borax hills, it was truly inspiring.

Date: Dec, 23 2003 09:36:10 EST
Name: Sian Spanner
Comments: I first visited Tecopa about 6 years ago. The hot springs amazed my friend and I. So healing. I revisited about 3 years ago. I think it is about time I came back. I think of it ofton, it all really got under my skin.
All the best with the resort, I am sure that you guys have been sympathetic to the surroundings.
I look forward to visiting you from London!

Date: Dec, 9 2003 22:32:04 EST
Name: Bill Reitz
Comments: I've stayed here three times while participating in the Baker to Vegas Police run. Love the hot water after working the run all night.

Date: Nov, 16 2003 17:58:29 EST
Name: Frank Barela
Comments: I always enjoy my stay at Tecopa Hot springs. I would love to be informed about any upcoming attractions or get togethers or special events so I can plan my next trip around.

Date: Oct, 26 2003 12:49:05 EST
Name: regina bartlett
Comments: Congratulations on your vision and dream and land of opportunities!
Happy to see you doing so well!

Date: Oct, 26 2003 12:29:24 EST
Name: Bryce Somers
Comments: Wow what a dream, what a project. Congrats.

Date: Oct, 25 2003 14:58:38 EST
Name: Amy
Comments: Thanks for looking us up Linda!

Look forward to your return Chuck.

~amy xox

Date: Oct, 25 2003 14:09:06 EST
Name: chuck brockway
Comments: hi amy, i hope you and all in tecopa are well. i really miss the place; soaking , exploring, the comraderie of the locals and trailerites, the lunches at the community center and the verrry laid-back atmosphere of the place. i hope to see you and all before years-end. take care and peace and love chuck of l.a. (mt washington)

Date: Oct, 25 2003 01:54:18 EST
Name: Linda Hillan
Comments: Graduate of Death Valley High School 1973, 3rd place for Amargosa Queen, 1st place float

Date: Oct, 19 2003 21:57:39 EST
Name: Charles and Arlien Crist
Comments: Hi Guys!
Looking forward to our time spent at Tecopa Hot Springs with Amy, Terry, Susanne and Joe.

Date: Oct, 14 2003 00:03:00 EST
Name: steve and cindy
Comments: the greatest place on to get away from las vegas

Date: Oct, 8 2003 13:04:13 EST
Name: Agapi
Comments: Ah! Tecopa! I found this site quite by accident, but I am so pleased. I have so many great Tecopa hot springs memories---a magical spot on this earth to be sure. Best of luck!

Date: Oct, 2 2003 17:48:32 EST
Name: Amy
Comments: Hi Gary,

You can send e-mail to and I'll get back to you. But you might want to empty some e-mail first. I tried to reply directly but got a message that your e-mail is full.

Cheers! ~amy

Date: Sep, 30 2003 18:25:11 EST
Name: Gary
Comments: I have heard about your fine facility from friends and will be coming up to see it in November. I have some questions and would like to know who to contact about these questions, can you e-mail me the contact information.

Date: Aug, 18 2003 11:39:46 EST
Name: Michael Kuck of Germany
Comments: On my second trip to deathvalley (first in 1980)I spent one starbright night by chance in late April. Unfortunately no time for bathing. But I did all peaks in one morning between 6 and 8! Found the landmark of the 1904 georaphical expedition and was so full of silence and graet western views. Don't forget to pray the rosary on top of mad's hill (if you are catholic).

Date: Aug, 10 2003 14:17:59 EST
Name: Dick and Doris Besaw
Comments: We are looking forward to enjoying the desert and history of the valley. Hope to see you in NOvember staying with you. Dick and Doris

Date: Aug, 7 2003 00:27:32 EST
Name: Rev. Anne Taylor
Comments: Hi Amy,

Congratulations on creating your dream.....such a beautiful haven of spiritual peace and blessings in the desert.

Date: Jul, 6 2003 22:17:09 EST
Name: ann and ben peralta
Comments: we visited the hot springs for the first time on 70-5-03, we loved it, i suffer from arthritis and have a bad left foot, i felt very relaxed after the bath. We will like to go and stay at least once a month.

Date: Jun, 5 2003 23:43:12 EST
Name: Vitas Pliura
Comments: I stayed at Delight's Hot Spa and LOVED it...
....very rustic...I felt I had travelled back
in time to the Gold Rush Days......I'll return
again soon....

Date: Apr, 20 2003 00:43:18 EST
Name: Bev Berekian
Comments: I love Tecopa Hot Springs! I will never travel through Death Valley without stopping in. The facilities are fabulous, and people are friendly!

Thanks for providing a great get-away...

Date: Mar, 28 2003 12:38:09 EST
Name: Kathy and Gaye
Comments: After spending two full days 'rock-hunting'; we were tired, sore and dusty! Arriving at the bath-house at 6:30 p.m., was a most wonderful way to end 'Our Great Rock-Hunting Expedition' !! Had planned our trip so we could do just that !
Had never been there before (learned of Tecopa on the internet ! ) and hopefully will get an opportunity to return. We stayed in Shoshone that night, and actually ended our adventure the following morning with an experience at the mud springs ! Awesome! Then, headed straight home....San Luis Obispo area.
Soak On, kindred spirits !

Date: Mar, 12 2003 21:41:35 EST
Name: James
Comments: I am eagerly awaiting my stay with the resort. Biig wedding plans, and whoohooo in May!

Date: Feb, 11 2003 22:54:59 EST
Name: Lloni Baker
Comments: I've heard so much about this place that I can't wait to visit it@

Date: Feb, 10 2003 17:32:32 EST
Name: Dubman
Comments: I've been visiting Tecopa for over 20 years - a nanosecond in geologic terms, I realize - and still am amazed by the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Valley. Part of me sees myself living in the Amargosa Valley -- surely one's high self can be discovered in this region!! I just got back from Tecopa from a visit and went to China Ranch and tasted their AMAZING date shakes!!! I RECOMMEND EVERYONE VISITING THIS AREA STOP BY (and, no, I don't work nor am related to anyone at the Ranch!). After years of having indifference to visiting the Ranch, I am so glad I traveled with a friend who wanted to see the place. From the road leading to the Ranch through the developing personal knowledge of the region's history, this place is magical. I will be back to hike around the China Basin full of history, including the T&T Railroad.

I've grown from being a wild child flying through jumping in the hot springs on the way to Vegas to a older, slower guy who is just starting to appreciate the eastern Death Valley region, specifically, the Amargoza Valley area. Now, when I visit the region, it is with a reverence and respect for the region that only grows with time. Come rejunvenate your souls at beautiful Tecopa. Let the still and crisp air settle your worries and bring a calm over you. And remember to "camp in, camp out" your "stuff"....this isn't a county park you're visiting; it's nature in her rawest form!!!

Date: Feb, 9 2003 16:42:47 EST
Name: Louis Varricchio
Comments: Hope to stop by and perhaps pitcha tent overnight this April. My third trip to the Amargosa. A truly magnificent locale!

Date: Feb, 4 2003 23:53:17 EST
Name: Yoga Retreat
Comments: We'll be hosting a yoga retreat led by the fabulous Ann Melin, April 4-6. $145 includes 4 yoga/meditation sessions and 4 meals. Accomodations are separate and vary from tent camping, camping with hook ups, cabins and rooms with shared bath. (Domormonitory style in the house.) All levels welcome. For more info and registration e-mail

Cheers! ~amy

Date: Feb, 4 2003 23:46:05 EST
Name: Photography Field Trips
Comments: Hi Friends,

Photographer and teacher, Catherine Bauknight is leading two photographic field trips to Tecopa. Feb. 15 and 16 and March 1 and 2. Below she describes her program to her students, but it's open to others as well. I thought you might find this interesting. Please pass it on to others who might be interested as well. The subject will be lighting and composition.

The Tecopa Workshop and Field Trip on President's Day Weekend is approaching.
February 15th and 16th Located at Tecopa Hot Springs in the Death Valley
Desert See Website below.

Although you might want to come down the Fri. night before we leave to shoot
at 9:30 am Sat. morning. We'll continue to hike into the desert with Mark Hamilin, a local guide, desert artist and photographer throughout the day.

On Sunday we will hike and photograph the sand dunes located near Tecopa. Field trips will continue from sunrise until 2:OO pm on Sun. Mon. the Feb. 17 is Presidents'
Day, our special rates for the hotel will be extended throughout that time if
you would like to extend your trip. We will have a guide that is an artist
and photographer of the desert. He will give a slide show at a local museum.

Amy Noel/Susanne Winterhawk, who work with the Getty Museum will be the host at the Tecopa Hot
Springs Resort. She is knowledgeable of the area and can guide us in the
right direction for many interesting desert subjects and hikes to aesthetic
desert scenes. The subject will be lighting and composition. It's going to be
great fun. The hot baths at the resort are really nice and open all day and

Amy is offering a special rate for the photo workshop students of $40.00 per
night for 2 people and $60.00 per night for 3 people. She has 2 cabins
reserved for us in addition to hotel rooms. One cabin sleeps 2 people and the
other cabin sleeps 3 people with one queen and 1 twin bed. Please apply by sending e-mail to The workshop fee is $59.00 per person.

a couple of
info and links about Catherine's work

Date: Jan, 29 2003 06:22:34 EST
Name: Chris Edwards
Comments: Tecopa - A welcome oasis in the desert - once you visit you'll be drawn back

Date: Jan, 27 2003 14:35:12 EST
Name: Larry Diamond
Comments: Went in to Tecopa on a sales call for installing coin laundry and found paradise at the healing mineral baths

Date: Jan, 6 2003 18:31:46 EST
Name: Wendy K
Comments: Amy, thank you so much for your hospitality. It was great meeting you and spending time at your resort. The sunset's were lovely. Next time, I hope to get the opportunity to soak in the tubs!
Wendy (Jim's sister)

Date: Dec, 23 2002 16:15:29 EST
Name: Roy Melander
Comments: smile

Date: Dec, 1 2002 13:48:05 EST
Name: lizard
Comments: heehee good job mommy. its great what you've done! :P

Date: Nov, 17 2002 22:30:45 EST
Name: Lindy K. Thomas
Comments: I am overjoyed to discover your website! I visited
Tecopa Hot Springs several times in the late 70's
and experienced such pleasure and serenity. Can't
imagine what's kept me away all these years. I am
now fortunate to own an RV and having just passed
the "half-century" mark with a mind set to spend as much of my time doing what I want Tecopa is
my very next destination. Thank you for your
vision and dream Amy. Hope I will meet you.

Date: Nov, 10 2002 18:51:11 EST
Name: sandra schwab
Comments: as a newcomer to the west, tecopah was such a nice surprise -- i had never been to hotsprings before. your water is silky silky silky. very relaxing leisure time activity. thanks

Date: Oct, 28 2002 11:55:11 EST
Name: Don B.
Comments: Tecopa is a sacred and serene place to heal and be healed. Mother Earths gifts are abundant in so many beautiful forms. The blessings I have experienced here are too numerous to list and reserve a special place in my mind. I highly recomended Tecopa's Springs to be experienced by all.


Date: Oct, 24 2002 05:50:41 EST
Name: Frank Suber
Comments: I want to tell you that I was in Tecopa for the first time in December 1990. I have been back through there two to three times since then. Tecopa is the place for me, remote and quiet. Truly it is a place to collect your thoughts and get back onto the right track. When I return to my Nevada home, I look forward to spending even more time in Tecopa. Tecopa is God's country.

Date: Oct, 17 2002 23:15:42 EST
Name: doug
Comments: need some more sun goddess pictures!!!!

Date: Sep, 25 2002 14:35:44 EST
Name: Warren Pangburn
Comments: I enjoy going to the therapudic hot springs.

Date: Sep, 23 2002 01:12:56 EST
Name: Rick Duim
Comments: Hi Amy,

Here's a note from your webmaster. I'm really glad our paths crossed and I'm honored to work with you. Of course, it was meant to be...


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