Tecopa Hot
Springs Resort

D. Yarrell 2006

Tecopa Basin Artists Group

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We are located at historic Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, on Tecopa Hot Springs Road about half a block south of the County Hot Springs Campground Park and stop sign.  Look for the red roof. Call ahead for more information.

Since September 2006
Open Daily 10 - 4 & by appointment
760 852 4420

Featuring work by local fine artists:

Mary Burke-King
Robin Flinchum
Mark Hamlin
Frank King
Paul Messenger-Gorshkoff
Amy Noel
Carlo Rancancio
Jehane Rucquoi
Jennifer Viereck
Chef John Muccio
David Washum at:
Pastels Café, Tecopa
Café C’est Si Bon , Shoshone
For calendar info visit www.TecopaCA.com

Honored Guest Artist & Friends include:
Philip Torrorian
Anne Hoff
Laurie Naiman
Donna Yarrell
Pahrump Valley Pottery

Tecopa Basin Artists Group Mission

In small desert villages at the confluence of the Mojave and the Great Basin, artists live, marvel and create wonders.
Through our magical Tecopa Basin, from points east, south, west or north, should you choose to journey, you'll find open studios, community galleries, storytelling, historical and reposing spaces, as well as incredible vastness that boggles the mind.  We have coalesced as a group in order to support each other in this ever-amazing environment, and to offer the art-minded traveler an opportunity to experience our creations.


Life Drawing
Approaches to Landscape

Clay work and pit firing
Prices from $25 - $45 per person
10 am - 4pm

History talks, short hikes, labyrinth, accommodations, camping, hot spring soaking and extended field trips also available at the Resort.

Contact us for a schedule or let us help plan an excursion around your interests or those of your group.

760 852 4420


For calendar info: Visit www.tecopaca.com or call 760 852 4420

TBAG: Infuse yourself in art and feed your imagination

Area cultural stops of interest:


China Ranch Date Farm

TBAG Group Gallery


Museum, Historic District & Stage

Mural by Larry Iwerks, Post Office

Death Valley Junction:

Marta Becket's Amargosa Opera House


Pahrump Museum

Courthouse Lobby

Public Library Gallery

Pahrump Valley Winery Gallery

Rhyolite & Beatty (north 57 miles of Death Valley Junction):

Goldwell Open Air Museum

Beatty Museum

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Hosted by Duim's Art Gallery