Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Desert Thoughts

The desert is a beautiful and fragile place. Many rare and wonderful species make it their home. Her wide-open vistas and silent open spaces offer lots of room for wahooing and repose.

Please protect and respect the land and her peoples.

Remember to be prepared for anything. The weather can change quickly! Carry 1 gallon of water per person. Let someone know where you're going and if your vehicle breaks down stay with it! That's why you brought the water. Someone will eventually come along to lend a helping hand.

Safe journeys!

Tecopa Basin                                     © Mark Hamlin 2001

Mark Hamlin is a local painter whose passion for the desert is complete. He expresses great attention to detail as he eloquently captures on canvas and panel the extraordinary light of our magnificent home.

Be A Passerby

Be in this world as if you are a traveler,
A passerby, with your clothes and shoes full of dust.
Sometimes you will sit under the shade of a tree,
Sometimes you will walk in the desert.
Be a passerby always, for this world is not your home.

- A Hadith of the Prophet

© 2006 Amy Noel
Hosted by Duim's Art Gallery