Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Health and Wellbeing Services
for Body, Mind & Spirit

  • TBAG Art Gallery, featuring works by local fine artists, artist receptions and workshops open daily 10 - 4 & by appointment.
  • Pastels Bistro, excellent food and company, nourishing for body and soul, most food prepared with OxyGenie and is "oxyclean". Check out www.oxygenie.com. We use the OxyGenie at home too. Enrich your life and the quality of your food and water with oxygen. Open daily, hours vary, call the Resort 760 852 4420 or our sister café, C'est Si Bon 760 852 4307 for reservations or to schedule special catering events.
  • Hot Mineral Baths, natural hot spring water piped into soaking tubs, silky ancient mineral waters heated by mother earth.
    $8 per person day use
  • Yaga Labyrinth, a 40' diameter 7 circuit labyrinth meditative & excellent views. A labyrinth is like a maze except that in a maze you can lose yourself in a labyrinth you can find yourself.
  • O3 (ozone) steam sauna cabinet an experience that enhances detoxification improves circulation and cardiovascular health. $30 for 30-min, includes soaking and attendant. Add local mud facial $5.
  • Star Parties, weekends nearest the new moon, mind expanding & out of this world! Sometimes the show is webcasted and you can joins us virtually. Visit www.astrochannels.com for more info, join the mailing list to be notified by e-mail when a star party will be webcasted.
    And since we're all about water and beauty and expanding mind, body and soul potentials, we highly recommend Aliix. Aliix is amazing and beautiful software for the PC. Aliix impresses frequencies on water that are able to bring about objectives within the human body by catalyzing and unlocking the body's own natural abilities and latent potential. The water is consumed, bathed or showered in, or is directly applied to bring about the user-specified objectives, and ALIIX has the capacity to transform your internal world into a powerful magnet for the attraction of whatever you desire. We use Aliix at the Resort for all kinds of stuff, for example impressing a good nights sleep on the water we wash our sheets in. You can play too. Amy says Aliix is the most powerful tool for manifestation she's ever used. If you've seen the popular movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" or you are familiar with Masaru Emoto's, "Messages from Water" and were fascinated, you will love Aliix. Aliix is a transformational tool that as one interacts with it, inspires one to think about what they think about and how our thoughts manifest in our lives. You can try it for free. Please do and let us know what you think.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort
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